At Karma Game Ranch we offer both serviced and self-catering accommodation for those who want to get away from it all. The lovely bush setting is home to giraffe, zebra and several species of antelope. As the animals roam free at Karma Game Ranch, you might be lucky enough to have an extra guest visit during your stay.
Our restaurant boasts a top class menu with extensive wine list. Chill in the bar and entertainment area for a more casual experience.

Originally purchased by the Mestdagh family who immigrated from Belgium in 1953, the only buildings on the farm were a 2-bedroom thatched dwelling, now known as Klipwerf, the klipkraal for all the livestock, a dairy and a very old thatched barn.
Karel Lodewijk Leo Mestdagh (I), his wife Josepha Mathilda Augusta Mestdagh (Jose) (nee Henderickx), their son Karel Clement Mestdagh (II) and his wife Maria Itske Mestdagh (Miki) (nee Meijer) (immigrated from the Netherlands in 1952), their daughter Marielle Jose Mestdagh, all moved on the portion of land known as Byl Trading (Pty) Ltd.
Klipwerf is quite historic in that it was built in 1919 by a science teacher from a school on the neighbouring farm, Jan Adriaan Jacobs, known as "PJ" or "Peet Jacobs" to serve as a residence. Rock formations on the koppies around the farm made the area vulnerable to lightning strikes. This led PJ to commission metal pieces be built into the walls of the building to deter such strikes from occurring.
Klipwerf used to have a water well and the old hand pump can still be seen today. For preservation purposes some of the old door panels were treated with whale fat. Bathrooms were only added later as the toilets were originally outside buildings.
The tar road that ran through the farm was a major advantage in ensuring service providers were able to lay cables, build towers and so forth for communication and electricity purposes. By the time the Mestdagh family settled on the farm, electricity was already available to them.
Soon after the Mestdagh family bought the farm, they built 2 1-bedroom flats which served as accommodation for their family whilst they finish building their house on the hill, which is now known as the Lodge. The 2 flats became the front chalets once the Lodge was completed.
To ensure their house enjoys the best views, Karel and Miki walked the farm to find the best place to build their home. They decided on the area on top of a hill that overlooks the entire farm. Gravel was excavated in front of the area where they were building. This resulted in a natural dam being created. The 1000sqm, 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom house took over a year to complete and the building process was overseen by Miki. The family began farming cattle and hosted children from surrounding areas to the farm on outings to experience farm living.
After Karel (I) passed away in 1984, game was introduced to the farm. These included blesbok, zebra and springbok. The farm was fenced off and named Karma Game Ranch. Miki and Karel (II), both procured professional hunter and outfitter licences. In 1991 Miki was awarded the 'Wildboer van die Jaar' award for her conservation work and work in the game farming industry.
Karel (II), Miki, Marielle and Karel (III) inhabited the farm alone for a while. However, since the house was so large, they decided to convert part of the house into guest suites with en-suite rooms. The Lodge grew rapidly and a conference room and outside bar area were added to meet changing demands.
In 1991, 2 further luxury chalets were built next to the Lodge. Daughter Marielle started managing the restaurant and outside bar. With the outstanding menu becoming a favourite with many, customers came back time and again.
During this period, hunting expeditions and other outdoor activities such as game drives, team building and such became vastly popular. A decision was made on further expansion to cater not only for guests and activities but also weddings and bigger events. Klipwerf and the barn was extensively renovated and the old dairy was converted into a wedding chapel. The original workers houses were renovated and converted into 6 self-catering units.
Marielle was forefront in managing events, activities and the like with the help of Miki. Klipwerf was also further extended to be able to host up to 200 guests. The Lodge was completely renovated with 8 en-suite bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 2 conference rooms, a dining room, a games and tv room, a jacuzzi room, a sauna and 2 swimming pools.
New species of game were introduced during this time. This included giraffe, ostrich and 22 antelope species. The hunting expeditions and game drives proved to be extremely popular.
In 2006 a decision was made to sub-divide the farm and sell off 25 plots of 5ha stands as privately owned land. Some of the stands were sold off and building commenced. As game became used to all the activity, they started roaming free amongst the buildings.
In 2020, a local businessman and home owner, Gary Mann, made the family an offer to purchase the remaining land and in doing so, became the majority shareholder in Karma Game Ranch.
Currently, improvements and development is well underway to make the venue even more attractive and popular.
For bookings and further information please contact reservations@karmagameranch.co.za.

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